This article was published on February 3, 2011

Intel and Kraft take food shopping to the next level

Intel and Kraft take food shopping to the next level

Kraft Foods presented an innovative in-store kiosk, called Next Generation Meal Planning Solution, which is able to recommend recipes based on the customer’s facial features, at the National Retail Federation Convention in New York City.

The kiosk was produced in collaboration with Intel, another major technology company  that seems to turn its focus on the production of in-store kiosk, much like IBM that has worked with cosmetics brands for the production of augmented reality “mirrors”.

The kiosk makes use of what Intel calls Anonymous Video Analytics, a technology that enables the collection of accurate audience measurement data: like the number of people standing in front of it, their gender and age. Taking into account other parameters, like the time of the day, the kiosk presents customized content, like recipes, shopping suggestions, promotional coupons as well as product samples.

Kraft has integrated the in-store experience with the mobile experience through the iFood Assistant application, making it easy for consumers to add recipes, shopping lists, by scanning 2D barcodes with their smartphones. Customers can also opt-in through the kiosk to receive future marketing promotions, like holiday recipes and product samples.

One more brand added to the list of those that use digital integration to engage with their in-store clients in richer ways, what brand will be next? And as kiosks become almost mainstream, what will be the next step?

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