This article was published on September 19, 2018

If you’ve ever been curious about CAD and 3D printing, here’s the resource motherlode for under $2 a book

If you’ve ever been curious about CAD and 3D printing, here’s the resource motherlode for under $2 a book
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If you’re familiar with 3D printing, you’ve undoubtedly seen scale models and prototypes for new products created out of thin air with the aid of these amazing devices. But these days, companies are taking 3D printing to the next level. Just this week, Volkswagen announced they were going to start using metal printing know-how to start crafting spare parts like gear knobs and custom tailgate lettering.

Understanding CAD (computer-aided design) and 3D printing is becoming a much sought after talent, from large-scale modern design manufacturers to smaller boutique producers. Learn all the skills needed to do that whole process right from start to finish with the CAD and 3D Printing eBook Bundle, available now for less than $2 a book, only $19.99.

This is a collection of 12 eBooks from Maker Media cover 3D printing projects from the ground up, beginning by introducing you to 3D printers, CNC machines, laser cutters, and more maker gear. Then, project work truly begins, from plastic creations like an LED lamp to a ’50s-style raygun pen to metallics with the mechanics of robots and drones and wearable tech, to even 3D wood carving.

The bundle includes:

  • Make: Magazine Vol. 60: Ultimate Guide To Desktop Fabrication 2018 (a $7.99 value)
  • Make: 3D Printing, 1st Edition (a $15.99 value)
  • Make: 3D Printing Projects (a $14.99 value)
  • Getting Started With 3D Printing (a $11.99 value)
  • Make: Design For 3D Printing (a $11.99 value)
  • The Maker’s Manual (a $14.99 value)
  • Zero To Maker: 2nd Edition (a $16.99 value)
  • Best Of Make, Vol. 2 (a $17.99 value)
  • Make: Getting Started With CNC Routing (a $14.99 value)
  • Make: Getting Started With 3D Carving (a $15.99 value)
  • Make: Design For CNC (a $27.99 value)
  • Fusion 360 For Makers (a $13.99 value)

From projects to prototyping and everything in-between, by the time you’re finished, you’ll know how to create virtually anything right from your desk.

Each of these eBooks usually cost from $7.99 up to $27.99, but if you grab this bundle from TNW Deals before it’s gone, you can own the entire collection for under $20.

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