This article was published on January 22, 2020

If you’re a slave to your smartphone, the MP02 4G wants to break those chains. Now, get $50 off.

If you’re a slave to your smartphone, the MP02 4G wants to break those chains. Now, get $50 off.
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TLDR: The MP02 4G phone from Punkt is communication minimalism at its finest. You can save $50 now on the device that can refocus how you use technology.

Stop for a moment and clear your mind. Now, think carefully about your answer to this question.

Do you really need the internet all the time?

There’s a case to be made that 24/7/365 connectivity isn’t always a good thing. The average person checks their phone 47 times a day. 85 percent of people have no problem using their phones while talking to friends or family. 47 percent of people have tried to limit their phone use, but only 30 percent succeeded.

The siren call of your smartphone is real. That’s why the folks at Punkt took a hard stand against the distraction and divisiveness of modern smartphone tech with the MP02 4G mobile phone. It’s on sale now at $50 off the regular price, just $299.99 from TNW Deals.

The strikingly minimalist design with an easy-to-use keypad and rugged, yet high-end construction wouldn’t look out of place with Nokia or Motorola cell phone models circa 1997. But when you need to make a call or send and receive texts, the MP02 is all 2020, linking its 4G Voice over LTE (VoLTE) connection with a tablet or laptop to keep you in touch. It also serves as a WiFi hotspot.

So why make the seemingly counter-intuitive decision to get a device without all the apps and added features of Android or iOS devices? Because you can’t buy attention and focus. While a simple glance at a smartphone often becomes a deep dive of notifications, updates and time-sucking diversions, the MP02 is a conscious, principled rebellion against the tethering, often strangling blanket of modern communication.

With the MP02, you’re making a statement: I’m using technology when I need it. Technology is not using me. You might even know some teens or young adults that could deeply benefit from this empowering message as well.

You can join the fight to take back control of your tech with $50 off the MP02 with this limited-time offer, now just $299.99 while this deal lasts.

Prices are subject to change.

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MP02: Minimalist 4G Mobile Phone – $299.99

Control your tech for $299.99

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