This article was published on September 8, 2020

If you really want to learn to code, this is a method you should definitely consider

If you really want to learn to code, this is a method you should definitely consider
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TLDR: With the training in the Interactive Learn to Code Bundle, students tackle big coding topics through hands-on exercises to help the learning really stick.

While coding is simple for some, that’s not always the case, especially for those of us who don’t have minds like a supercomputer. When you take your first steps in the world of programming, you quickly learn how much of the discipline is centered around almost methodical order and process. So if you work or learn best in a more tactile, freewheeling manner, it may take more than boring readings or dry lectures to make sure that information sticks.

If you need to get a real feeling for programming by putting your hands on the keyboard, banging out some code and seeing what it does, you’re not alone. In fact, the training in the Interactive Learn to Code Bundle ($29.99, 73 percent off from NTW Deals) takes that lesson to heart, putting “tell me” teaching on the back burner in favor of hands-on “show me” teaching tactics.

This package of training includes nine separate courses, each focused on offering beginner-level introductions to key coding languages and tools, all through heavily interactive lessons that let users see and understand programming through doing.

For example, the  An Interactive SQL Tutorial for Beginners: Introduction to SQL course delves into database management from the ground up. Through simple tasks, students get a feel for using the most popular relational database management systems, cementing solid training in the fundamentals with actual practice coding with those basics.

Meanwhile, the An Interactive JavaScript Course for Beginners training digs into how JavaScript is used in modern builds, bringing the programming language used to give web pages their interactivity to life with actual hands-on exercises.

Meanwhile, other courses guide learners through the same process, embedding new skills using jQuery, PHP, Python, Bootstrap and Java with interactive lessons that allow more familiarity with the topics. You’ll also find training in how to build responsive web designs for all platforms; as well as The Complete Solidity Smart Contract Guide, a full primer on blockchain, cryptocurrencies and working with Ethereum.

The courses have a regular price over $110, but with this deal, you can get all this practical coding training for a whole lot less, just $29.99 while this offer lasts.

Prices are subject to change.

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