This article was published on October 25, 2021

If you miss the days of the easy to use TV remote, this device is bringing ’em back

If you miss the days of the easy to use TV remote, this device is bringing ’em back
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TLDR: This remote has all the buttons you’re used to, but it works with Apple TV units as well as your home set, all for under $30.

You stream. I stream. We all stream. Everybody streams. And fewer and fewer of us are watching TV the old-fashioned way anymore. Change happens…but it isn’t always pretty. Especially for those who have spent decades watching their favorite shows with a trusty remote control constantly at the ready for zapping.

However, if you’ve ever used a streaming device remote, such as an Apple TV remote…well, there’s a whole new learning curve at play, isn’t there? It’s only got three buttons. And a weird dial thingee. And…hey, where the heck is the volume button on this thing?

Sometimes innovation is great. Other times, it’s just a serious pain. For those who don’t want to have to learn a whole new way of using your TV remote, the Function101 Button Remote for Apple TV ($29.95 from TNW Deals) is a welcome alternative.

You take one look at the remote…and everything falls into place. There are channel buttons, arrow buttons, device control buttons, and yep…simple and easy volume control buttons, right there in plain view.

Using infrared technology, this remote works right out the box with all Apple TV models, using technology that’s been part of TV viewing for decades. If you’ve got a clear line of sight, and you’re standing less than 40 feet away, this device is compatible with most TV sets, so you can make this remote run both your Apple TV and your TV simultaneously. It’ll even get the job done for cutting edge 4K TV units as well.

While the volume buttons are handy, it’s also built for modern audio sound systems, with control for a soundbar or receiver as well. Even a high-falutin Sonos speaker plays nice with this device. While voice control can be helpful, it can also be pretty darn confusing, so instead, this remote lays out all the buttons in an intuitive way to help make all your choices simple.

With this Function101 Button Remote for Apple TV in hand, controlling your entire audio-visual setup gets a whole lot more streamlined. Right now, users can pick one up at less than the cost of a tank of gas, just $29.95 while this offer lasts.

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