This article was published on April 3, 2012

HootSuite integrates with Google’s ‘other’ social network Orkut, and continues Brazil offensive

HootSuite integrates with Google’s ‘other’ social network Orkut, and continues Brazil offensive

HootSuite App Directory now includes Google’s other social network Orkut, the social dashboard company announced on its blog. As the Canadian startup points out, this new feature is targeted at Brazil, which is the country where the vast majority of Orkut users live.

The announcement isn’t exactly a surprise; as we reported in February, HootSuite is now available in Brazilian Portuguese, and we already knew that Orkut integration would soon follow. In practical terms, it means that you don’t have to leave your dashboard anymore to update your Orkut account and read posts from your friends:

To install the app, all you have to do is to visit the Tools section of HootSuite and click on App Directory in the Launch Bar. It is worth mentioning that Orkut is only one of a growing number of HootSuite apps, from popular platforms like YouTube and Tumblr to specialized options such as TrendSpottr and GetSatisfaction.

Beyond HootSuite’s global app strategy, this integration is also part of the company’s recent push towards Brazil:

“Orkut is the latest treat in our goodie bag for Brasil. In addition to completing the Portuguese dashboard localization, HootSuite has created two new Owlys (Brasilian Football Owly and Carnival Owly), designed new Brasilian wallpapers for desktop and mobile, added some Portuguese resources to our library (including a new social media best practices info sheet) and helped host a HootUp in São Paulo,” HootSuite reminds on its blog.

Today’s blog post also contains interesting details on HootSuite’s decision to integrate with Orkut. As we pointed out in our previous story, the once-dominant social network has lost its leadership in Brazil, which made us wonder if HootSuite’s move was still relevant. Yet, the startup insists that it spent months listening to feedback from its local users, before deciding to go for what suits them best:

“While Facebook recently overtook Orkut as Brasil’s most popular social network – we received a considerable amount of feedback to add the network – especially from long-time social media enthusiasts,” HootSuite writes.

Based on recent conversations with local insiders, we are still skeptical on claims that Orkut has 66m active users, as time spent on the network seems to have fallen lately. On the other hand, Google Brasil apparently hasn’t given up on Orkut and keeps on introducing new features, from an iOS app to community themes.

No matter where the truth lies, we have to acknowledge that it’s hard to see how this integration would hurt. Ultimately, HootSuite has very little to lose here, and it seems little effort compared to the opportunity to please its Brazilian users.

It is also worth noting that HootSuite opted for a progressive rollout; phase 2 of Orkut integration is already in the works, and the company will likely listen to feedback to select and implement additional features.

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