This article was published on August 3, 2018

Here’s how to deliver a speech that makes an impact and motivates action

Here’s how to deliver a speech that makes an impact and motivates action
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What do Magic Johnson, Ted Williams and Wayne Gretzky have in common?  Beyond being among the greatest athletes ever in their respective sports, all three tried to transition that greatness into coaching…and all three failed.

Just because you know your stuff doesn’t mean you know how to communicate that expertise to others. Addressing an audience is a skill like any other, but it needs to be developed if you’re ever going to make your message resonate. You can learn how to deliver words with impact with the training in this Public Speaking Bundle.

Best of all, it’s ridiculously inexpensive with this latest TNW Deal — only $19 for the four-course package.

The training kicks off with building blocks of speechwork in The Complete Presentation and Public Speaking Course. Once you break down the components of an effective presentation, learn to interact with your audience and craft emphasis points, your next course Mind Mapping For Public Speaking: Plan, Rehearse & Deliver delves into tips that help refine your performance and better connect with your group.

Persuasion Masterclass: How To Powerfully Influence Anyone covers a three-step “persuasion blueprint” used specifically to prompt listeners to action. Finally, Public Speaking Hacks cuts to the heart of your speeches, unlocking the most important principles that determine whether your talk connects — or misses.

It’s an over 21-hour package of instruction, all geared to cutting the fat, sharpening your delivery, and landing your takeaway points with the grace and power of a Gretzky slap shot.

A nearly $640 value, this complete training package is now available for less than $5 a course with this limited time deal.

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