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This article was published on December 6, 2016

Somewhere on the internet, a guy shaves his head every day

Juan Buis
Story by

Juan Buis

Digital Culture Reporter

Juan Buis is TNW's Digital Culture Reporter, and you should click here. Juan Buis is TNW's Digital Culture Reporter, and you should click here.

It’s pretty rare to come across an extremely low quality video these days, so when a friend sent me the above one, I was immediately intrigued. It looks like it’s been shot on a VHS tape, but it’s not impossible to see what’s happening.

A guy walks around his living room, checking himself out in the mirror. There’s trippy music playing that would perfectly fit an underground rave. He’s lifting a dumbbell, but after two rounds whips out a pocket comb to clean up his moustache.

There’s a lot happening here, and I’m not entirely sure if I understand it all. Over the course of the four-minute-long video, we see him flexing his muscles, smoking a cigarette and shaving his head. The video’s description doesn’t make it clearer: “Smokin buzzin and waxin the stache. OFF with the combover.”

Make me MPB muscle was uploaded on March 31 back in 2012 and is a prime example of the videos jackbuzz2003 uploads to his YouTube channel. The mysterious man has uploaded over 350 clips so far, but his oldest video – Smokin Haircut and Stache0909 – dates back to September 2009. It was precisely this video that defined the formula — shaving, smoking, and ‘stache combing.


What’s going on here? Why would anyone upload more than 300 videos of himself shaving? Is Jack secretly Technoviking’s lost cousin?

While looking through his uploads, I noticed the related videos were giving me a hint. There were links to videos of others shaving their hair, revealing a community of YouTubers doing the same thing.

Head Shaver doesn’t have nearly as many videos, but likes shaving his head just as much as Jack.

There are tons of other accounts, like scott1151, headshaved buzz and shaved buzzed posting and aggregating footage of buzzcuts and other hairstyles.

It doesn’t seem like they’re hairdressers, however, and the comments posted under every video explain what’s going on.




The internet can be a very strange place, and I’m happy YouTube is there to remind me of it.