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This article was published on July 25, 2021

Have you always wanted to play the piano? This $20 training teaches you how

Have you always wanted to play the piano? This $20 training teaches you how
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Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web. Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web.

TLDR: The Complete 2021 Piano for Beginners Bundle is an all-in-one training package to get students of any age playing the keyboard with skill and confidence.

If you want your kid to be smarter, it can occasionally mean some tough love. But for all those times you make them do their homework or read a book instead of playing video games, you can practically see their brains getting bigger in front of your eyes. 

Turns out, you can also add music to that list. According to one study, 3 and 4 year olds who were given keyboard music lessons for six months performed more than 30 percent better in reasoning testing than kids without the training.

Yep, playing the piano really does make you smarter. And with The Complete 2021 Piano for Beginners Bundle ($19.99, over 90 percent off, from TNW Deals), you can not only satisfy that long-smoldering dream of being an accomplished keyboard player, but literally force your brain into being smarter. How’s that for a win-win?

Over six courses covering more than 13 hours of training, this package will introduce you to the keys, explaining the basics of music theory, the ins and outs of various playing styles, and of course, the steps for learning to play that’ll take you from Chopsticks to Mozart in no time.

The Learn Piano Today: How to Play Piano in Easy Online Lessons course is where it all begins, a no experience required primer with easy to understand lessons with time-stamped videos, extensive lesson descriptions, and detailed notes that guide novices through learning to play step-by step.

In Piano Technique Exercises, the four-part course steps things up, including training to play with more control of dynamics and phrasing, how to improve finger strength without stressing the digits, combining touches like staccato and legato in both hands, and even learning how to read music.

Finally, Piano Party Hits and Festive Favorites includes easy-to-learn-and-play piano arrangements of 30 complete pieces crafted for budding pianists of all ages. From Danny Boy and Amazing Grace to holiday standards like Jingle Bells and Fairytale of New York, you can arm yourself with a boatload of known crowd-pleasers and start playing confidently to crowds both small and large.

The Complete 2021 Piano for Beginners Bundle is a nearly $1,200 package of music school tutelage now available for just over $3 per course at $19.99

Prices are subject to change

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