This article was published on March 23, 2010

Gowalla: Our SXSW Was Just As Amazing As Foursquare’s

Gowalla: Our SXSW Was Just As Amazing As Foursquare’s

Sure, it seems like the whole world is going gaga for Foursquare, but their smaller and quite scrappy rival Gowalla is still growing like a weed.

How did they do at this years SXSW conference, the location event that was to launch location startups into the mainstream? Gowalla picked up some 50,000 new users around the world during the event. Impressive, given the fight for new users in the tight space.

And at the conference itself? Some 5,800 people in Austin over the conference checked in 135,000 times. Hot damn.

Of course, these numbers lag behind what we have seen from Foursquare, but are still higher than some were expecting from the company. Of course, both companies are locked in a dogfight that many claim is far from over.

Gowalla has more money. Foursquare has MTV. Which will come out on top? For now that question is moot: both are growing faster than weeds and seem to have endless piles of new users to sign up. For the time being, both companies are winning.

Which is your favorite?