This article was published on February 24, 2011

Got game? KmartGamer Invites 3 Bloggers to E3

Got game? KmartGamer Invites 3 Bloggers to E3

KmartGamer will be at the 2011 Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), an annual video game conference and show in Los Angeles, June 7-9th and is extending an invitation to its gaming community, for three bloggers to attend E3 as as supporting correspondents.

If you want to make the cut, you’ll have to write a blog post listing the reasons why you should be one of the three chosen ones along with some information about yourself and link it as a comment to the KmartGamer post announcing the call for submissions by Wednesday, March 30th.

Kmart has managed to build a strong branded community over the years, showing appreciation to its member by incorporating the community’s feedback into the company’s function. For instance, Kmart featured reviews from its gaming community on store shelves. Now by giving its members a voice on its official blog, Kmart is giving an important industry show a “reality” spin, much like Sears did at the latest CES with Sears Blue Blogger Crew.

The “democratization” of major industry events, with bloggers getting a seat among industry experts, live streaming and constant updates from official accounts or attendees through social media like Facebook and Twitter, has emerged as a hot trend for all industries, from gaming and electronics to fashion and retail. It remains to be seen how this greater audience and real time feedback will help shape these events in the future as well as redetermine the way trends emerge.

For more information on KmartGamer invitation to E3 stay tuned through its Twitter account or the KmartGamer blog.

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