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This article was published on December 10, 2020

Google is more than search. This master class takes you inside Analytics, Ads, even Gmail

Google is more than search. This master class takes you inside Analytics, Ads, even Gmail
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TLDR: The Complete Google Master Class Bundle examines all the Google services that can help you improve your productivity and bring more exposure to your business or brand.

We all know the goal of the big tech companies. And we don’t even mean most of the fairly large brand-name companies you know. We’re really just talking about the biggest of the big here. Apple. Amazon. Microsoft. The uber-giants don’t just want your business. They want to create an entire ecosystem that serves everything you or a business needs so no one ever has to go to anyone else’s products for anything.

Google is obviously one of those masters of the digital universe. In fact, Google and their galaxy of services might be the closest any of these companies have actually come to cementing themselves as a one-stop answer for everything a user or a brand needs online. With the training in The Complete Google Master Class Bundle ($40, over 90 percent off from TNW Deals), business owners and brand managers can learn the entire Google offering and see how they’re already trying to be the be-all, end-all answer for end-to-end business growth.

Over more than 36 hours of instruction, these 10 courses explore some Google features many don’t even know are available. However, they could make a big difference in boosting your productivity or expanding the reach of your business.

Four courses in this collection center around using Google Analytics, the traffic analysis tool used by over half the web. Users learn how to navigate the vast amount of data Google has amassed about your website, how to monitor the health of your business and identify growth opportunities, and how to build a deeper understanding of your visitors and what motivates their actions. There’s also a course on using Google Data Studio, which expands on GA’s abilities with customizable dashboards, interactive features, and more to deepen your number-crunching experience.

Google Docs have also become a widely used platform for collaboration. First, Google Docs Part Of G Suite: Learn Google Docs in 1 Day offers a full overview of using Google Docs to create business documents, resumes, cover letters, reports, and more. Then, G Suite – Google Docs Introduction: Increase Productivity helps learners understand how to best use that environment so a team can work on documents together, fostering better communication — and better results.

More courses delve into some of Google’s other important tools. Training includes how to generate profit through Google Ads, how to rank higher in search results with Google Trends information, to even how to use google old Gmail to improve how you communicate with wasting time you don’t have.

Each course in the collection is valued at $199, but as part of The Complete Google Master Class Bundle, you can get all 10 courses for just $40

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