This article was published on April 27, 2018

Get trained in the growing tech field of machine learning — and pay only what you want

Get trained in the growing tech field of machine learning — and pay only what you want
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Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web. Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web.

If you’re at all tech-inclined and looking for a career, there’s no better field to join than the red-hot machine learning sector. It’s been proven there’s nothing better.

According to the jobs website Indeed, machine learning engineer is the best job in America in 2018, based on opportunity and salary. Of course, the average base salary over $135,000 a year is great, but the exploding growth in an envelope-pushing industry may be even more exciting for those breaking into the field.

Of course, you actually need to understand machine learning first — and you can get a big jump on that knowledge with all the training in the 2018 Machine Learning bundle, available now from TNW Deals at any price you want to pay.

For any total you offer, you can get the e-book Test Driven Machine Learning to start your education. The book introduces you to the process of how machines learn through analyzing data patterns, then using that analysis to predict what comes next. This training teaches you the methods for building machine learning algorithms that produce fast and dependable results.

It’s a great start, but to truly get your hands around the entirety of machine learning, match the average price paid by other shoppers to unlock five more eBooks and four courses covering all aspects of programming machines to think for themselves. The package includes:

  • Python Machine Learning (a $31.99 value)
  • Step-by-Step Machine Learning with Python (a $124 value)
  • Advanced Machine Learning with Python (a $35.99 value)
  • Python Machine Learning Solutions (a $99.99 value)
  • Large Scale Machine Learning with Python (a $39.99 value)
  • Apache Spark Machine Learning Blueprints (a $31.99 value)
  • Machine Learning with TensorFlow (a $124.99 value)
  • Machine Learning for the Web (a $39.99 value)
  • Machine Learning with Open CV and Python (a $124.99 value)

Whether you’re trying to launch a career or just insanely interesting in this fascinating vanguard of science, this bundle will help you understand it all. Combined, all these resources are valued at over $800, but with this deal, you can get the whole thing for a whole lot less.

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