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This article was published on November 17, 2017

    Get an instant Big Data library to explore this fascinating field and pay what you want for it

    Get an instant Big Data library to explore this fascinating field and pay what you want for it
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    Big data is… well… big. And the business of compiling, analyzing, and interpreting large number sets and what those results can mean for interests ranging from business forecasting to science research to hardcore technological advances like machine learning is just as big.

    With a subject that huge, you need a vast library of resources to dive into what it all means — so right now, you can pick up that whole library in one fell swoop with a package we call The Big Data Encyclopedia Bundle. Best of all, part or all of this bundle can be yours for literally any price you want to pay.

    Your instruction starts with a payment of any amount, which gets you a great ebook to start your exploration of big data, Apache Spark 2 for Beginners. Spark is one of the most used data processing engine frameworks in the field, so learning how to feed and use data in Spark in a perfect introduction to serious analytics.

    But there’s a lot more to data analysis than Spark – so by matching the total paid by other students like you, you’ll get the other eight ebooks in this package, rounding out your big data training.

    Across these remaining volumes, you’ll go deeper into Spark, covering dozens of different data science problems…and how to solve them. You’ll read up on tools for visualizing data to help better understand its meaning, R Programming methods for deepening your analysis, and how to use “big data forensics” with Hadoop to uncover even more hidden truths.

    These nine books that can put you on a path to a career in data science retail for $30 to $40 each, but if you get in on this limited time offer now, you can get the whole bundle for… well, a whole lot less than that.