This article was published on October 18, 2016

‘Frightgeist’ cooks up incredible Halloween costume ideas using Google Trends data

‘Frightgeist’ cooks up incredible Halloween costume ideas using Google Trends data
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Halloween is but a fortnight away, and ‘Frightgeist‘ is cooking up a special brew of costumes that might allow you to shelve that slutty kitten costume this year (men and women).

Topping the list is a duo of characters — Harley Quinn and Joker — from the universally-hated film ‘Suicide Squad.’

‘Superhero’ is next, for those that are feeling powerful but lack the decisive nature to decide between other top 15 choices, such as Wonderwoman, Batman, or Deadpool. Mixed in we see a spattering of traditional favorites like a pirate, witch, clown (probably a terrible idea right now), mermaid, zombie, and the beloved Minnie Mouse.

Or, maybe you’d prefer a custom solution. If that’s your thing, Google’s ‘Frightgeist’ costume wizard can buck the trends and find you something altogether new. Let’s see what it finds for me:


I mean, sure, why not?

If you still can’t find what you’re looking for, check the costume map to see what everyone else is searching for in your area — and avoid it like the plague.


Seriously, you can’t win a costume prize for being one of 38 Harley Quinn’s in the bar that night.

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