This article was published on February 10, 2010

Forget about the Buzz, try One Social Web

Forget about the Buzz, try One Social Web

The latest announcements from Google have got us excited again. Potentially better than Wave, and certainly more accessible, Buzz looks good.

BUT – it is only good if you can connect with others on a Google account. What if you don’t have one? The same can be said for Facebook, great for networking but only if you are on Facebook. So how can I connect the two? onesocialweb think they have the answer.

onesocialweb aims to be network and platform agnostic, allowing you to connect with friends across different networks and different platforms. The ‘product’ is still in early testing but if it works, will allow me to connect all my networks in a truly interactive way.

Brought to us by the team that created Storytlr, the potential difference that onesocialweb could have to, say Friendfeed is the true interactive networking; not just streaming RSS feeds and cross posting status updates. So, if I am on Facebook and you are on Orkut (really, why?) then we can connect, without changing networks. Sounds cool. This little video can explain it better than I.

The plan looks to include support for Android ‘phones, an OpenFire Plug In and a web interface. At present, there is no interface for us to get our hands on and they will be releasing code in March. You can read more about the background on their blog and we hope to bring you updates as they are released.

This may not be a Buzz killer, but certainly a refreshing alternative.

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