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This article was published on February 3, 2011

FledgeWing: Student Entrepreneur Platform Launched in India

FledgeWing: Student Entrepreneur Platform Launched in India
Francis Tan
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Francis Tan

Francis Tan is the Asia editor of TNW, who is based in the Philippines. He is particularly interested in Asian Internet startups, social me Francis Tan is the Asia editor of TNW, who is based in the Philippines. He is particularly interested in Asian Internet startups, social media and e-commerce. Get in touch with him via Twitter @francistan or Email [email protected].

India is fast developing, owing to one of the largest youth populations in the world. The economic slowdown forced many companies to freeze placements, which further incentivizes student entrepreneurship. With all the online resources that are currently available, starting young bodes well for aspiring entrepreneurs. FledgeWing is a collaborative online community for student entrepreneurs that was recently launched in India for an all-Hindi localized version of the platform–FledgeWing.in.

All-in-One Platform for Student Entrepreneurs

The company was founded by Lewis Drummond and Joshua Meyers, two NYU Stern alumni with envisions of helping entrepreneurs take their ventures off the ground. The result? FledgeWing, a platform for university students looking to develop, build and launch innovative new companies.

Using the FledgeWing platform, not only will students benefit from networking with peers and mentors, they will also be able to pitch ideas, which others can discuss and critique. The site offers a project area for collaboration on each other’s ventures and extensive articles offering start-up advice and unique perspectives on entrepreneurial news. Quality of interactions between both students and mentors is ensured through a feedback-style rating system.

Why India, of all countries?

With roughly one quarter of all traffic now coming from India, the site has decided to focus on expanding in this emerging, dynamic market. It now caters towards entrepreneurial Indian university students from a country with the third largest higher-education system in the world. According to the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM), India’s entrepreneurship scene is quickly growing. All that, plus the eagerness of Indian students to support bringing in the website locally, helped with the launch.

Having already established links with 270 universities worldwide, FledgeWing is attracting a dedicated and passionate talent pool. The global perspective of the site will serve to expose the community to a wider international student audience, a greater depth and variety of ideas and start-up opportunities.

FledgeWing for corporate

FledgeWing can also be used by corporate users, offering subscription accounts for companies to recruit the top entrepreneurial minds in universities. They can also post case studies, which will provide them with practicable and innovative solutions as well as an assessment of a student’s business acumen. Additionally, they can setup dedicated pages to list their internship opportunities, as well as host forum discussions.

The Indian mindset of being risk averse has long hindered its people, especially the youth to venture into startups. FledgeWing does not make it a snap to become young millionaires but with a platform that helps nurture ideas, it creates enormous opportunities for students to be equipped with the right knowledge and skills to turn them into reality.

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