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This article was published on November 19, 2014

Finally go paperless with 30% off Doxie Go

Finally go paperless with 30% off Doxie Go
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TNW Deals

Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web. Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web.

2015 is just around the corner — isn’t it about time you went paperless? Printed douments, receipts, photos, and notes end up cluttering your home and office, and are hard to retrieve when you need them most. That’s where the Doxie Go comes in.

The compact Doxie Go can scan and save your precious documents, letters, bills and pictures without the need for cables or even a computer! Scan up to 600 pages into the built-in memory, or pair with a PC to organize your scanned images and documents so they’re searchable and accessible across your favorite cloud storage services, including Dropbox, iCloud Drive and Evernote.

Doxie Go

With the Doxie Go, you’ll never have to worry about finding your documents again, and you can forget about piles of paper accumulating in your home, dorm room or office. And we’ve got a great offer on the Doxie Go here at TNW Deals: get 30 percent off the original price and go paperless for just $139! Order now and start de-cluttering your life today.

This deal on the Doxie is available internationally, though shipping costs a bit more outside the US.

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