This article was published on October 31, 2011

Facebook won’t be hosting your MP3s anymore, goes all in with streaming

Facebook won’t be hosting your MP3s anymore, goes all in with streaming

According to Inside Facebook, the company has started letting Page owners know that the official Facebook MP3 player that it launched a few years ago will no longer be supported.

The note that Facebook left page owners is:

The Facebook Music Player app is being replaced with better ways to incorporate music on your Page

The “better ways” the company is referring to is music streaming. At the f8 conference, the company made it very clear that it was going all in with streaming music. Partnerships with companies like Spotify, Rdio, and those utilizing its new open graph, will be the gateway into music sharing on the social network.

This is just one of the ways that Facebook has begun cleaning up its platform to make way for more interactions via the newsfeed.

Sites like MySpace let bands upload and distribute their music directly from the site, but that’s clearly not a game that Facebook wants to get into. With copyrights and other issues surrounding uploading of music, Facebook has let its partners be judge and jury on what gets onto its platform. It’s a smart move.

Facebook hasn’t given people much notice though, as the music player will no longer be available starting today. Is the downloadable song a thing of the past?

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