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This article was published on September 22, 2011

Facebook introduces a new open graph: Read, Watch, Eat and more

Facebook introduces a new open graph: Read, Watch, Eat and more

Want the full story? You can read about everything that happened at F8 in our roundup.

You can expect to see much more coming from Facebook today as the social network holds its F8 conference. We’ve already seen some massive changes to the service over the past week or so, and now we’ve just found that Facebook is launching a new version of its open graph.

With the understanding that different actions have different meanings, Facebook is opening the door to media apps, lifestyle apps and a focus on being frictionless, serendipitous and real-time. In short, the ability to publish things to your stream has changed, and it will no longer require a popup box.

Zuckerberg uses Spotify’s app as an example, where the app’s authentication page shows you exactly what you’re going to do with it. You can choose to add that app to your timeline, and modify your settings later. Since Spotify said that it was going to publish a story, it will no longer prompt you before adding activity. You’ll notice, as well, that this example reinforces what we we found yesterday about Facebook integration with Spotify.

The new graph should, according to Zuckerberg, find interesting patterns between actions, so that those patterns can be displayed on your news feed. For instance, if a couple of friends created new playlists that matched one another, that information will be shown.

Another huge feature will now allow you to listen along with friends to the music that they’re currently playing. Want more details on that? Check out our roundup of Facebook’s new apps. Just know that all  you’ll have to do is click on the song in your Ticker.

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