This article was published on February 24, 2017

Facebook is down, sound the alarm [Updated]

Facebook is down, sound the alarm [Updated]
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Facebook today is having some issues, it’s not just you.

So far, we know the problem generally presents itself as a forced log out from the service. After forcing users off the page, Facebook won’t allow them to log back in, giving it the appearance that their account may be in use by another person. This doesn’t seem to be the case, as dozens of users are all experiencing the same problem.

The outage follows another from earlier this week. In that issue, people were able to log in, but reported difficulty seeing the News Feed.

We’re short on details at the moment, but we’re working diligently to get to the bottom of it. We do know that the areas affected most heavily are in Europe, The United States (mainly the East and West Coast and parts of Texas), Brazil, and parts of Australia, according to DownDetector.

Update (11:50 AM PST): Facebook reached out to offer the following comment: “Earlier today an error in one of our systems designed to help prevent suspicious account access sent a small set of people to our account recovery flow unnecessarily. We have fixed the issue and are in the process of clearing the affected accounts from this recovery flow. We apologize for any inconvenience.”

For affected users, since this was a technical error, not an actual security breach, it appears you’ll just have to wait. It doesn’t appear your account is, or ever was, at risk. Facebook assures us they’re working to clear the queue of users who’ve attempted to reset their password after the outage.

Update (10:51 AM PST): Some users are getting this message stating that someone logged in to their account. Don’t panic, this is widespread and that doesn’t appear to be the case.

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