This article was published on February 22, 2017

Facebook is down for many users – Panic! [Update: Works fine now]

Facebook is down for many users – Panic! [Update: Works fine now]

It’s not just you: Numerous users are reporting experiencing downtime on Facebook.

It appears the issue is mostly affecting netizens in Europe, but US users in some areas have also confirmed experiencing the outage.

The Twitterverse was quick to notice the downtime too:

DownDetector indicates the social media giant has been having intermittent downtime since around 4:00 AM ET, with the issue peaking at around 4:30 AM ET when over 1000 people submitted outage reports.

According to the feedback, users are experiencing difficulties with their news feed. Here’s what one Florida user said:

Newsfeed still doesn’t work on my mobile. Tried my desktop and the feed is from hours ago and not “by the minute” as normal. Bottom of the screen has a search for friends button. Basically still problems apparently worldwide.

Update 5:12 AM ET: It seems users in Europe are slowly starting to regain access to Facebook, but the issue has migrated further towards Asia – particularly Malaysia and Indonesia – and Australia.

Update 5:20 AM ET: It seems Facebook is yet to acknowledge the outage on its dedicated Status Page. The last recorded issues date back to February 7.

We’ve contacted Facebook for more details and will update this post accordingly if we hear back.

Update 5:55 AM ET: Facebook has worked out the issues, with users reporting the website is back up and working fine.

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