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This article was published on November 18, 2010

Facebook likes MySpace, MySpace likes Facebook. That’s all folks. …

Facebook likes MySpace, MySpace likes Facebook. That’s all folks. …

Late last night we reported that MySpace and Facebook were going to make a special announcement.  The “big” event today was hosted by MySpace CEO Mike Jones and Facebook VP Dan Rose. According to TechCrunch, MySpace was embarrassed that Facebook didn’t send anyone more senior. Once the event was over, we realized why they didn’t.

At first we speculated that MySpace and Facebook may be working on a new bands-music channel or that (what I hoped) MySpace was just going to throw in the towel (highly unlikely considering who owns MySpace). It was also widely speculated that MySpace would be incorporating a Facebook Connect.

To sum up today’s announcement: Myspace’s “mashup” with Facebook will let users easily port their info from their Facebook profiles to integrate with Myspace content. MySpace can now pull in all of your “likes” and “interests” from Facebook. From there, MySpace will suggest all relevant Myspace topic pages, profiles, video programming, music, celebrities, TV, movies, etc.

To check it out, click on the “Mashup with Facebook button” on Facebook “Like” buttons will be added soon. “Already, a million MySpace users have synched their accounts with Facebook,” said MySpace CEO Mike Jones.

From Facebook: Facebook likes to eat, er, integrate with sites and MySpace works particularly well because “the content is naturally social,” explained Facebook VP Dan Rose.

On MySpace’s recent redesign, they said that the initial view is very, very positive.

To survive, Myspace has surrendered its original ambition to become everyone’s personal online identity and is now rebranding itself as “the leading social entertainment destination powered by the passion of fans.” The addition of Facebook users’ “likes” will certainly help MySpace boost its data to better target users whether through ads, event promotions or band suggestions. The press release even suggested that based off of your Facebook likes and interests, they may suggest subscriptions to an array of entertainment programming, including originals, exclusives and content from around the Web.

See the video from MySpace here in our original post.

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