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This article was published on September 22, 2011

Facebook announces Lifestyle Apps for media, movies, cooking and more

Facebook announces Lifestyle Apps for media, movies, cooking and more

All eyes are on  Facebook today as the social network holds its 4th F8 conference. We’ve already seen some massive changes this past week including a new subscribe model similar to Twitter, smarter friend listsnew status updates and Google+ style photo layouts. Also, where’s the poke button?

For the last 7 years, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, has attracted 800 million people to sign up for his social network. “By now, most people see that social networks are going to be a ubiquitous tool used by people around the world to stay connected everyday…. The next era will be defined by the apps and the depth of engagement that is now possible,” said Zuckerberg in his keynote speech.

Today, Facebook announced its new profile design called Timeline: “The story of your life, to log your digital autobiography completely on Facebook. To add functionality to your Timeline, Facebook introduced Lifestyle Apps to its now Open Graph.

Facebook’s Open Graph includes everything to do with media, movies, music, TV, news, books. Lifestyle apps help you keep track of the minutiae in your daily life- runs, bike rides, concerts, general happiness, TV shows watched, fashion picks, anything you want. Facebook has made it possible to build a new class of apps and to rethink a lot of industries at the same time.

 “We think this is going to make it possible to build a completely new class of apps that wasn’t possible before,” says Zuckerberg.

Check out this video below for a full overview of Lifestyle apps:

“We think the combination of app building and Open Graph is going to make this space take off,” says Zuckerberg.

Let’s say you’re using Nike+ in your Timeline to track your runs or Foodspotting to track your meals. The apps will keep track of everything you do and your friends can participate too. Imagine after a year being able to look back at your entire annual food intake. Imagine after 5 years, being able to see your entire workout history. Imagine after 10 years, being able to look back at all of the concerts you attended, and browse through photos and videos. Then imagine being able to share this with your children and your children’s children. Zuckerberg says that Lifestyle apps are tying together dozens of industries from– Airbnb to Ticketmaster– all with the goal of expressing who you are and being able to discover new things with your friends.

Check out a full list of Facebook Apps partners here:

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