This article was published on October 28, 2016

Facebook clones Snapchat again with new camera features

Facebook clones Snapchat again with new camera features
Another day, another feature Facebook is borrowing from Snapchat. Following up on its announcement of virtual masks in livestreams yesterday, the company is now testing bringing new photo effects and masks into its main camera app for stills and videos.
In other words, get ready for more face swaps on your Facebook feed.
It’s not just the filters that are Snapchat-like either: the photos will disappear in 24 hours – unless someone comments on the photo to start a conversation. Facebook is also placing the camera icon onto the top left of the main app in order to make sure people start using it.
Oh, and it’s also copying Prisma too:
Facebook first messed around with a new camera app during the Olympics, where it allowed you to apply face-paint in the colors of your country. Then we had yesterday’s Halloween masks, although those were only for live video.
It’s worth remembering that Facebook did try to buy Snapchat back in 2013, but CEO Evan Spiegal didn’t bite, so at least it’s not like Snap Inc didn’t know this was coming.
You know the saying: If you can’t buy them off, copy the heck out of their features. The features are currently being tested in Ireland only, but expect them to roll out more widely soon.

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