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This article was published on June 13, 2012

Facebook begins testing new ‘Share Music’ feature in News Feed Share box

Facebook begins testing new ‘Share Music’ feature in News Feed Share box

For a select number of users, Facebook has made it even easier for share the music you have been listening to on Spotify by incorporating a new ‘Share Music’ option in the Share box on its News Feed.

With the new ‘Share Music’ option, you don’t have to rely on Open Graph integration in popular music streaming services to automatically push or manually share the music you are listening to. Instead, you can share any track with friends simply by selecting the option and typing it in the result input box.

Screenshots shared with The Next Web show that Spotify’s catalog is included in song searches but Facebook has long offered integration with other services, including Rdio, so tracks may not be limited to just one catalog.

During the f8 conference last year, Facebook promised more meaningful interactions with friends. This included music-related notifications in the ticker on the right hand side of the site, showing what people were listening to in real-time.

In January, Facebook took that feature to a new level and let you listen to music with your friends and chat at the same time. We noted at the time that the feature was very reminiscent of, one of our favorite apps of 2011.

If you have a song in your head or you have just heard a a track on the radio, the new feature makes it easy to type in the name, tag in your friends and share it on your News Feed. It will be display very similarly to existing Spotify shares, but the process is a lot smoother.

Plus, you never have to leave Facebook.

The feature is limited to a select number of accounts, as is the case when Facebook tests new features, so if you find you have a ‘Share Music’ option above your Share box, you are one of the lucky ones.

Thanks, Paul Fabretti!

[Image Credit: Flickr – Mari Smith]