This article was published on August 24, 2012

Facebook acquires Threadsy, the company behind social graph analytics tool Swaylo

Facebook acquires Threadsy, the company behind social graph analytics tool Swaylo

Today, Threadsy, the company behind social analytics tool Swaylo, has announced that it has been acquired by Facebook.

The company has raised $6.3M to date, and no price has been mentioned for the acquisition. We’ve reached out to Facebook for comment. Users who have SwayloPro accounts will not be affected, as it will be treated as a separate company. Regular users will be out of luck once the deal goes through.

Here’s what Threadsy’s CEO, Rob Goldman, had to say on its blog:

Swaylo offers you the opportunity to see what kind and how much attention you’re getting for the things you post, share, and like on social media networks. Through an analysis of your social graph, Swaylo reflects your Sway – the impact your online activities have in your social circle and across the social graph.

Today we’re announcing that Threadsy will be acquired by Facebook. Threadsy is the company that operates, provides people with their Sway score, and helps businesses, organizations and brands connect with their social influencers.

This is incredibly exciting for us! We built Swaylo because we believe Facebook and other social media services are the digital representation of our lives. There is no better opportunity to take Swaylo’s vision to the next level than at Facebook.

The service allows you to log into your Facebook account and view a dashboard that includes all of your social interactions. This could mean that Facebook is planning something similar for its users. Of course, this would also be useful for brands who run pages on the social network as well.

Goldman went on to detail what will happen to its users and to thank Threadsy’s investors:

Once the deal is done, people will no longer be able to access their Sway scores on But SwayloPro will continue to operate as separate, independent company owned by its current investors. SwalyoPro helps businesses connect with influential people on social media – here’s where you can find more info.

I’d like to extend a huge thank you to our investors John Johnston from August Capital and Amy Errett from Maveron Capital. They believed in us early and provided the guidance, support and capital needed to make Swaylo a reality.

Finally, I’d like to thank everyone who had a hand in this phase of Swaylo’s growth, especially our small but mighty and talented team. I’d like to extend a special thank you to my Co-Founder and CTO, Udi Nir, and our Chief Revenue and Strategy Officer, Sabrina Riddle for their leadership, vision, and contributions to Swaylo’s success.

Rob Goldman
CEO & Founder

Swaylo also gives you a good idea of who influences you on Facebook as well, information that is valuable to users, brands…and Facebook itself.

Threadsy started out as a way to bring your Twitter and Facebook streams together, but pushed its focus on Facebook full-time. That seems to have paid off, literally.

UPDATE: Facebook has confirmed the acquisition of Threadsy with no other details.