This article was published on October 30, 2009

Threadsy – Your Life in One Tab

Threadsy – Your Life in One Tab
Robert Mattar
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Robert Mattar

Robert Mattar is an Australian digital sales and marketer based in London. Recent positions and projects have included web and mobile advert Robert Mattar is an Australian digital sales and marketer based in London. Recent positions and projects have included web and mobile advertising development and consultation. He can normally be found scouring the web for the next big website. Connect with Robert on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Threadsy Logo[Update – Beta invites now available, at the end of the review]

Recently there has been increased coverage on how in this digital age, the large majority of people are balancing increased inflow of information. Email, Facebook, Twitter and countless other networks and feeds have meant that many of us suffer at one point or another with information overload. With a problem comes an opportunity for a solution and this is where threadsy aims to play – by unifying your inflow of communication from multiple email addresses and networks.

The first thing that is noticable about threadsy is that the team have put a lot of effort into designing a clean user interface, essential in a app of this sort where you want to both be able to manage your multiple touch points but also be able to distinguish them apart so you know what network or email address the message came from. The UI features a two column collapsible design where your main content area is your all encompassing inbox. This features all messages sent directly to you whether they be an email, a Facebook message, or a Twitter DM or @reply. To the right of this is your ‘unbound’ column which includes all the status updates from Facebook friends and your Twitter followers – effectively the area that you do not need to read and react to every message but may want to browse at different points in the day. The unbound column also includes instant messaging integration for Google Talk.

Threadsy Inbox

threadsy features close integration with its supported services, including being the first service to use Facebook’s inbox API allowing you to reply to people directly in threadsy who send you a Facebook message. It also features the obligatory ability to like items and leave comments as well as adding Twitter followers and starring/archiving Gmail emails. A new feature Venturebeat reportedly stated is also in the works includes the ability to ‘abhor’ Facebook status updates from threadsy which will then appear on Facebook as a link back to a threadsy page!

Facebook abhore mock up  - threadsy

One of the features I enjoyed the most when using threadsy is its ability to tap into each of your networks to pull together a unified bio on the person you are currently reading a message from. Click in your inbox on any inbound message an threadsy goes to work on the right of your screen showing you a brief bio, photo’s and status updates on whoever sent you the message. This naturally works the best if you are friends on Facebook and connected on Twitter to the person as threadsy can only retrieve information you would otherwise have had access to or is publicly viewable.

I have been on the service each day since receiving my invite and have already found that it means I can get back to people sooner, and that I am less likely to miss someones message. That being the case I think the team at threadsy have put together the closes solution yet to combining multiple forms of digital communication in one service. If the team continue to add new features as they have been doing then threadsy very well could be a ‘can’t miss’ application for people to use when they open to the wider public.

[Update – Thanks to threadsy we now have beta invites available. Visit threadsy HERE to sign up]

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