This article was published on March 12, 2015

Eyefi unveils Mobi Pro camera card with Raw wireless workflow

Eyefi unveils Mobi Pro camera card with Raw wireless workflow
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Eyefi today launched Eyefi Mobi Pro, a new 32GB Wi-Fi SD card that combines the wireless transfer of photos from your camera with its photo apps and cloud service to offer increased flexibility in image handling.

The Mobi Pro builds on the wireless transfer and syncing features available in previous Mobi card versions to feature a new Raw wireless transfer and workflow, automated photo categorization and photo search capabilities.

The new wireless Raw and JPEG file transfer function gives photographers additional flexibility: You can send JPEG images to your mobile device for instant preview or edit and share with others, and send Raw files directly to the desktop for post-processing.

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The new selective transfer function offers users valuable control over which images move from their camera to their mobile device or computer.

Wireless transfer was always convenient, but in the near future it will likely become even more important as laptops like Apple’s upcoming MacBook shed all non-essential ports, including the popular SD slot and independent USB ports.

The card’s infrastructure and direct mode networking support offer increased privacy as images are securely and automatically transferred regardless of shooting venue. In the field, Mobi Pro creates a Wi-Fi hotspot for instant transfer; at home, the card can connect to your local network.

Note that when you shoot photos on iOS, you must use the device settings to connect to the card’s network, especially if you’re shooting in a place where your device recognizes an established network (home, for instance).

Eyefi Mobi Pro card image_with NEWIf you’re shooting outside of your device’s known networks, iOS will recognize and remember the card’s network automatically without having to switch back and forth. Android devices automatically recognize and connect with the card’s network, regardless

Eyefi’s Mobi cards include integrated mobile and desktop apps, and with Mobi Pro, new capabilities have been added to both.

A new instant image compare feature has an advanced photo visualization tool that lets photographers quickly compare photos and view detailed EXIF data such as shutter speed and aperture settings.

Eyefi mobile apps work with Eyefi Cloud to retain original image resolution while rendering the best image to the chosen viewing device, allowing users to view their entire photo collection at any time. A photo-uploading feature lets photographers add all computer-stored photos to their cloud collection for viewing on any device.

Eyefi Cloud’s image categorization feature uses intelligent analysis to organize images, hastening the search and share process. In addition to basic date, time and geolocation, images are automatically identified by subject area such as food, indoor, outdoor and other attributes.

Mobi Pro is available for $99.99 through online and local retailers as well as from the Eyefi website. The card comes with a one-year membership to Eyefi Cloud, offering unlimited syncing and storage. After the first year, an Eyefi Cloud subscription costs $49.99 per year.

Apps for iOSAndroid, and Kindle are free and available in the App Store, Google Play and Amazon.


Featured image by Ryan Wong via Eyefi

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