This article was published on May 20, 2020

Even if you hate camping, the Carsule could be just the ticket for getting outside right now.

Even if you hate camping, the Carsule could be just the ticket for getting outside right now.
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TLDR: Ditch the tent and enjoy the outdoors in style and comfort with the ingenious Carsule Pop-Up Cabin, now 20% off at just $299.99.

As states across the U.S. start to reopen, Americans are more than ready to shake off the cobwebs and get out of the house again. Of course, there’s still nobody exactly excited to join up with big crowds or put themselves in a position to spread germs, so maybe those outdoor plans should be true outdoor plans. Plans like finding a brilliant nature spot somewhere and drinking in the beauty of our world’s majesty.

However, the reality is that many of us aren’t exactly outdoorsy people. So rather than struggle with the thought of sleeping in a tent, battling the elements, or toting loads of equipment into the middle of nowhere, the Carsule Pop-Up Cabin ($299.99, 20 percent off from TNW Deals) can help you turn your car into the perfect outdoor habitat.

Compressed to less than three feet across for easy storage, the Carsule easily expands with a flip of your wrist into its own 6 foot by 6 foot outdoor waterproof, UV-resistant living room setting that attaches to the swing-up rear tailgate of your hatchback, minivan, MPV, SUV or station wagon. 

Reinforced with a set of aluminum support rods and a thick felt carpet, the Carsule feels sturdy, and in less than five minutes, you have enough space (6.5 feet of headroom!) for up to four people to pull up a chair, grab a beverage and relax as you drink in your beautiful environment.

Unlike a confining tent, the walls of the Carsule are crafted of a mesh-like material, allowing you to see everything around you in all directions and maintain airflow while keeping bugs and other outside elements outside.

And if you’d like to expand, the Carsule is also designed for extra space, so you can hook up another Carsule to your structure to effectively double your terrain.

Fully funded by a $17,000 Kickstarter campaign, the Carsule Pop-Up Cabin is now on sale at the retail price of $379, but with this current offer, you can take 20 percent off the total, cutting your price down to only $299.99

Prices are subject to change.