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This article was published on July 27, 2021

Encrypt Office is a one-stop hub to protect a modern digital business and their critical data

Encrypt Office is a one-stop hub to protect a modern digital business and their critical data
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TLDR: With Encrypt Office, you can throw a security shield over all business operations, including emails, data transfers, file storage and more.

As of last year, respondents to a business survey reported that about half of their most sensitive business operations, including payments, financial records, intellectual property, and employee data, were all routinely encrypted

While that may sound like a big number if you’re running a firm that’s only now considering tighter security measures, there’s a bigger question here. With data breaches exposing 36 billion records in the first half of 2020, and with most business leaders worried that cybersecurity risks are increasing, the more important question is why all of a company’s digital systems aren’t encrypted?

Encrypt Office ($59.99 for a lifetime subscription; over 90 percent off from TNW Deals) was built on the principle that protecting all business communications 24/7/365 is an essential requirement for all modern-era business. 

With their all-inclusive, turnkey service, Encrypt Office erects an unbroken ring of encryption around any and all business communications flowing through your workplace. 

Using AES 256 bit encryption with 1,024 bit key-strength, Encrypt Office starts by encrypting all incoming and outgoing email. That also includes fast, secure and fully encrypted file transfers too, cloaking any files up to 5GB in size. 

With Encrypt Office, all your file storage is encrypted as well, featuring up to 3 factor authentication to get inside. Members can also take advantage of file upload pages that securely receive files from anyone with a web browser to ensure that nothing malicious finds its way inside your shields.

By enacting these all-encompassing security measures, Encrypt Office allows a business to completely supercharge all of their security, productivity, and compliance concerns virtually overnight.

Encrypt Office is also versatile, allowing administrators to set their own company policies, all on an easy-to-use, company branded platform that lets customers and clients also know how seriously you take your security. There’s also full auditing capabilities, to track all data interactions and spot trouble before it becomes trouble.

A lifetime of Encrypt Office Business Plan protection including 40GB bandwidth per month and 5TB of storage space would normally cost over $2,100. Right now, it’s all available for a whole lot less, just $59.99.

Prices are subject to change