This article was published on February 18, 2020

Create a new company identity in seconds with this $40 tool

Create a new company identity in seconds with this $40 tool
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Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web. Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web.

TLDR: The My Brand New Logo generator automatically creates a logo to suit any business enterprise. Right now, it’s only $39.99 for lifetime access.

The Nike “swoosh.” McDonald’s golden arches. Mercedes’ three-pointed star.

Take one look at those emblems with no words included and you instantly associate that image with a lifetime of thoughts and impressions about that iconic product. That’s the power of the right logo, the purest distillation of a company or product’s entire messaging strategy in one transcendent image.

So obviously, no pressure coming up with the logo for your new business, right?

It’s a tough decision, but one that gets a lot easier with the help of the My Brand New Logo Automatic Logo Generator, now $39.99, thousands off its regular price, from TNW Deals.

My Brand New Logo uses advanced algorithms shaped from years of graphic design successes and failures to craft a complete original and unique logo for your product, business organization. Just enter your company name and maybe add a slogan, and My Brand New Logo kicks into gear to automatically generate a crisp new emblem for your operation.

Of course, from the My Brand New Logo results, you can also fully customize that work with new color schemes, additional shapes and different style elements. Or just start over and get a new option until you’re satisfied. My Brand New Logo promises a unique logo every time, with no two logos ever coming out the same.

Your new emblem will be copyright and print-ready with scalable SVG formatted versions suitable for all manner of digital, print or real world reproductions. Lifetime access gives you up to 250 fully downloadable new logo sets, which should be enough to last even aggressive entrepreneurs for years.

Graphic design work like this isn’t cheap — and My Brand New Logo for life usually would cost $12,500. But with this TNW Deal, try it now for just $39.99 while the offer lasts.

Prices are subject to change.

My Brand New Logo: Automatic Logo Generator – $39.99

Get it now for $39.99

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