This article was published on January 30, 2012

Create a killer presentation and SlideRocket will give $5k to your favorite charity

Create a killer presentation and SlideRocket will give $5k to your favorite charity
Drew Olanoff
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Drew Olanoff

Drew Olanoff was The Next Web's West Coast Editor. He coined the phrase "Social Good" and invented the "donation by action" model for onlin Drew Olanoff was The Next Web's West Coast Editor. He coined the phrase "Social Good" and invented the "donation by action" model for online charitable movements. He founded #BlameDrewsCancer. You can follow him on Twitter, Google+, Facebook, or email [email protected]

Social presentation service SlideRocket is all about thinking outside of the box. We told you about Hanna Phan last November, who wanted to work for the company so badly that she created a presentation using the service to explain why. She got the job because SlideRocket recognized that using the product to get a job with the product took some creative thinking.

SlideRocket is looking to give rewards for creativity again, this time it’s for the greater good. The company recently announced its “Make an Impact” contest, which is open to anyone who’s passionate about a cause.

Here are the rules posted by the company:

The contest is open to staff at 501(c)(3) non-profits as well as people who would like to support their favorite non-profit by winning the contest on their behalf. You can enter any time between January 17 and March 28. We will publish the leaders with the most presentation views on a daily basis, and you can always check your SlideRocket presentation analytics to see how you’re doing. It’s a fun way to compete and do some good in the world!

The top four presentations will each win $5k for its charity, and this is a simple way to stretch out your brain for social good. SlideRocket provides the platform to create the presentation and all you have to do is make it and get it out there in the social world. The top 25 presentations with the most views will be reviewed by a panel of judges, from which the four winners will be selected.

Here are some tips on making a killer presentation to win this competition for a lucky cause:

1. Choose a charity carefully

Don’t choose a charity because it’s “famous”, pick one that you’re really passionate about. Your passion will translate to a great presentation. Don’t worry about how many famous people support a charity, because at the end of the day it’s regular folks like you and me who can really make a difference. Try picking a small charity that’s based in your local area and bring that local flavor into your presentation. Presentations about topics you’re not well-versed on don’t end up too influential.

2. Do some prep work

Really research the history of your selected charity. Remember, this is a presentation, so try to tell a story about the charity you’re representing. While this shouldn’t just be boring graphs and numbers, explaining the story behind the charity as well as the story on why you chose the charity is a great way to get attention from the judges. By the time someone finishes looking at your presentation, they should be just as passionate and knowledgeable as you.

3. Make it social

Including tweets and posts from other people who support your charity will make for a fantastic presentation. By showing the judges that you aren’t the only one who is passionate about this cause and organization will make them feel like they want to be a part of it too. If you’re going to include a video in your presentation, make it short or edit one together on your own with highlights from others. Be sure to attribute the original works accordingly.

Just do it

With just a little bit of your heart and some of your precious time, you could make a real difference for a charity who can put the $5k to good use. If you’re not sure on how to get started, get a team of your friends together and collaborate on your entry. Have some fun and do some good at the same time!

SlideRocket “Make an Impact” Registration

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