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This article was published on September 10, 2020

Close-up shots of the Sun reveal popcorn-like sunspots

Closeup shots of the Sun show just how creepy sunspots can look.

Close-up shots of the Sun reveal popcorn-like sunspots

Creepy sunspots seen by astronomers at the GREGOR telescope in Europe reveal our parent star in unprecedented detail. The images also show just how creepy sunspots can look.

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Movement is seen in a sunspot, recorded by astronomers at the newly-refurbished GREGOR telescope. Image credit: KIS
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The GREGOR telescope (left) and its upgraded optical laboratory (right). Image credit: KIS
A look inside GREGOR, the largest solar telescope in Europe. Video credit: European Solar Telescope.
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Granules on the Sun as seen by the GREGOR team. Image credit: KIS

This article was originally published on The Cosmic Companion by James Maynard, founder and publisher of The Cosmic Companion. He is a New England native turned desert rat in Tucson, where he lives with his lovely wife, Nicole, and Max the Cat. You can read this original piece here.

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