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This article was published on September 30, 2017

Clean up your email (and your life) with Postbox 5 for Mac or Windows, only $29.99

Clean up your email (and your life) with Postbox 5 for Mac or Windows, only $29.99
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Email anxiety is real. Whether you’re afraid to look at new emails you’ve received, afraid to throw away any old correspondence, or fear the general sense of dread that your email box induces, maybe you need some help. The fastest way to clear up that anxiety is by knowing you control your email, and not the other way around.

Postbox 5 streamlines all your various email accounts, organizes them cleanly and intuitively, and offers up a host of methods for dealing with those emails. Right now, you can get a lifetime of Postbox 5’s powerful services for just $29.99, a 25 percent savings, from TNW Deals.

At its core, Postbox 5 is ready to handle all the tasks that a top-quality email client can tackle. Postbox lets you sort all your email accounts into one organized stream with a simple, intuitive interface, safely depositing all of your correspondence into color-coded, individually-organized folders. Swiftly sort all your spam and junk mail into easily discardable bins, while prioritizing your most critical and most timely emails for immediate action.

But if you’re an email power user, then stand back because Postbox is packing a load of organizational, time-saving features to help you knock out all your incomings in record time.

You can funnel various emails into Postbox’s innovate Focus Pane, which can prioritize all emails into certain quick response categories to automatically generate replies, archive to certain locations, or perform tasks like moves or even unsubscribes.

You can hot-key pre-selected pieces of text, images, even HTML blocks to insert full responses with just a couple of keystrokes. You can fast-search for documents or images included in any of your accounts. You can use Quick Pst to send email content to your favorite apps, such as Evernote or Slack. You can even send links to large files using Postbox’s Cloud File-Sharing add-on.

Once you’ve got the basics down, you’ll realize you’re saving mountains of time with Postbox’s hyper-slick integration. At just $29.99, whether you’re a Mac or a PC user, it’s worth your time to check it out and find out how much anxiety it can remove from your daily email hell.

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