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This article was published on April 23, 2012

Cisco aims to put technology professionals on Cloud 9

Cisco aims to put technology professionals on Cloud 9
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When it comes to finding a technology solution that’s right for your company, it’s smart to have your head in the clouds… cloud technology, that is.

Cisco is taking the concept of cloud computing to the next level with its Cisco CloudVerse. The platform integrates computing within the data center, between clouds, and delivers cloud experiences to the end customer. In short, Cisco enables cloud services that can be accessed anytime from any device so teams can collaborate, and content is always available on demand.

CloudVerse also provides something that goes beyond technological bells and whistles, and that’s peace of mind. With this platform, you can rest assured that all cloud data is secure regardless of how many users or platforms are involved.

In the long run, CloudVerse is also a good investment as it lowers business costs by streamlining IT functionality, and improves efficiency and productivity.

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