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This article was published on May 18, 2011

Twitter gives it’s ‘New Follower’ and Direct Message’ emails a makeover

Twitter gives it’s ‘New Follower’ and Direct Message’ emails a makeover

If you’re one of the users of Twitter that still gets an email every time you gain a new Twitter follower, you’re going to be seeing a change in the way that the emails are formatted. New media blogger Louis Gray has spotted that Twitter has changed the format to highlight the users bio, avatar and a basic set of stats in a centered format.

In addition, the section showing the Twitter accounts that that user follows that also follow you and those that you both follow, it has been shortened to a one-line section. The line shows only how many users you follow who also follow your new follower. This is basically the exact opposite of the information you were given previously. This should help to give you a clearer picture of how the person may have come to follow you and where in your network they fit in and whether they’re worth following back.

This new setup seems to be designed to look simpler and give you more useful information with less clutter. Most of us disabled our notifications long ago but if you still have yours enabled, have you started receiving the new format of email?

In addition Louis has helped us discover that Twitter has also updated their Direct Message email notifications. The new notifications are very similar in content to the old ones but have been redesigned to look more in sync with the new Twitter homepage.

The new Twitter DM Email