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CHEAP: 29% off Harman/Kardon’s Onyx Studio 4 speaker, just for you

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CHEAP: 29% off Harman/Kardon’s Onyx Studio 4 speaker, just for you
Onyx Studio 4
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Welcome to CHEAP, our series about things that are good, but most of all, cheap. CHEAP!

If not just straight-up ugly, a lot of Bluetooth speakers are, well, instantly forgettable. But you know one that isn’t? Yep, that’s right: the Harman/Kardon Onyx Studio 4. Even better, you can currently get this speaker for only $149.99, that’s $60 (or 29 percent) off its list price. Woo!

Rather than appearing like the normal cylinder speaker, Harman/Kardon did something different with the Onyx Studio 4. It’s kinda like a fabric covered satellite dish, but, you know, in a fashionable way. Take a peep:

It’s like a sexy moon for your house.

The Onyx Studio 4 has a rechargeable battery that can last for eight hours of music blasting, you can connect two devices to it simultaneously and take turns playing songs, AND it has support for Siri or Google Now.

Plus, it has that beautiful Harman/Kardon sound. You’d be silly not to get involved.

You can either pick it up from the Harman/Kardon site for $179.99 (which says it’s reduced down from $449.95) or get it from Amazon for a cool $149.99. Choose wisely, friends.


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Well, there you are! Not only did we find you a wonderful deal on the Harman/Kardon Onyx Studio 4, we also discovered a few other special offers. Happy Saturday!

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