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This article was published on August 10, 2019

CHEAP: Don’t be lame, game! Buy a 1TB PlayStation 4 Slim console for only $240

Stop listening to your Mom, video games are *art*

CHEAP: Don’t be lame, game! Buy a 1TB PlayStation 4 Slim console for only $240
1TB PlayStation 4 slim console
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Welcome to CHEAP, our series about things that are good, but most of all, cheap. CHEAP!

If you haven’t accepted video games into your life, then, really, what are you doing?

When somebody tells me they have zero interest in gaming, I feel the same sort of way when people say they don’t really like music, or movies, or painting. I mean, it’s art. How can you not?

This isn’t to say you have to be spend all day glued to a controller and TV, but there are games out there that are truly magical, and are totally worth your time.

Thing is, you need a console to play a lot of them. Which would be an issue, IF WE HADN’T FOUND THIS GREAT DEAL WHERE YOU CAN GET A 1TB PLAYSTATION 4 SLIM CONSOLE FOR ONLY $240!

That’s a full $60 less than the device’s $300 list price. What are you waiting for? Go grab that sucker!

playstation 1TB slim console side
This little box can help you forget all

As the name suggests, the 1TB PlayStation 4 slim console is a smaller version than its predecessor, meaning it looks slicker than the old model and can fit into smaller spaces around your TV.

Thankfully, it also comes with Sony’s DualShock 4 controller, so you can start playing games immediately.

But what should you buy with your brand new 1TB PlayStation 4 slim console? Well, how about Red Dead Redemption 2? Or Shadow of the Tomb Raider? Or even God of War? There are literally hundreds of great choices. The world is your oyster, invest in some art.

Anyway, if you’ve been looking for a new device, to upgrade your old model, or just want a second machine, $240 for a 1TB PlayStation 4 slim console is a wonderful deal. Happy gaming, people.

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