This article was published on July 4, 2020

Celebrate the Fourth with seven fantastic electronics offers to outfit your home

Celebrate the Fourth with seven fantastic electronics offers to outfit your home
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Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web. Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web.

TLDR: These seven electronics offers in celebration of the Fourth shave up to $130 off your purchase price.

It’s July 4th — and if ever there was a year to celebrate a calendar reaching the halfway mark, it’s 2020. 

But despite all of our problems, the world spins madly on and everyday life still demands action. From your job to your home office to just sitting around trying to listen to music or even just be comfortable, there are tech upgrades screaming your name — even now.

Since TNW Deals is only here to help, check out these seven electronics deals in honor of our nation’s birth. And to prove we’re thinking about you, you can knock 15 percent off any purchase of $50 or more by entering the code JULYFOURTH15 at checkout. Or splurge and get 20 percent off on all your purchases over $75 with the code JULYFOURTH20. 

Swisstek 40,000mAh Power Bar With AC Outlet – $100 (Orig. $229.99) with promo code: JULYFOURTH20

A reliably and preferably hefty power battery is a virtual necessity for any serious road warrior — so this multi-outlet power bar from Swisstek is ideal. The 40,000mAh power reserve is enough juice to charge most phones 15 to 20 times. Meanwhile, the bar comes with three AC, USB, and USB-C charging ports to keep your laptop, phone and tablet happy, all at the same time. 

Moza Mini-MI Wireless Charging Smartphone Gimbal – $76 (Orig. $109.99) with promo code: JULYFOURTH20

For anyone who shoots smartphone video, the advantages of a gimbal to smooth out your shots is an immediate night-and-day difference-maker. But in addition to making your shots look like a Scorsese production, the Moza Mini-MI also features wireless charging as well as an input port, so your phone can survive the rigorous battery demands of video shooting without breaking a sweat. As for the footage, the eight different cinematic follow modes, array of manual controls and that sweet fluid sweep of a gimbal should be enough to make this a no-brainer purchase.

Urbanears Rålis Portable Bluetooth 5.0 Speaker – $88 (Orig. $199.99) with promo code: JULYFOURTH20

If you’re looking for super-tiny or lights or other bells and whistles, you may shuffle past the Rålis, even though you do so at your peril. Because this beast has power to spare, with beefy front and back speakers working in tandem to thread a rich, multidirectional musical tapestry. At six pounds, it isn’t a mini, but with Bluetooth connectivity, direct access to Spotify and iTunes playlists and syncing to chain up to three of these bad boys together, you can level a neighborhood with the beat.

TRNDlabs Spectre Drone – $51 (Orig. $149.99) with promo code: JULYFOURTH15

The Spectre is TRNDlabs’ most powerful drone yet, sporting a six-axis gyro configuration and four high-speed propellers to rip this craft through all kinds of precise aerial paces, whether you’re a beginner or an expert pilot. Meanwhile, the on-board HD camera offers brilliant aerial photography to record your maneuvers or feed live video back to your connected device via the Spectre app. You can even snag a pair of IRIS VR goggles (sold separately) and feel like you’re actually flying yourself.

diskAshur2 SSD 256-bit Encrypted Solid-State Drive – $119.16 (Orig. $169) with promo code: JULYFOURTH20

If the wrong hard drive falls into the wrong hands, it can be disastrous. Thankfully, this iStorage 128GB solid-state drive has military-grade hardware encrypted security measures. You don’t enter the right 7-to-15 digit PIN credentials, you aren’t seeing what’s on this drive. With superfast USB 3.1 data transfer speeds, your information loads quickly — and this drive is also OS and platform independent, so it works with Windows, Mac, Linux, Chrome and virtually any other device with a USB port.

Decibullz Custom Moldable True Wireless Earphones – $79.19 (Orig. $149) with promo code: JULYFOURTH20

Earbuds are usually a mess to actually keep in your ear. That’s not a problem for the first custom-molded wireless earphones that you can do all by yourself. Just heat the Decibullz in water, press them to your ears for the perfect fit — and your earbuds will never fall out again. And beyond the award-winning sound engineering, loud noise protection, Bluetooth 5.0, and long battery life, you can even redo their fit if you think you can come up with an even better fit.

EvaSmart 2: Smart Personal Air Conditioner – $144 (Orig. $256) with promo code: JULYFOURTH20

The EvaSMART 2 combines the power of home air conditioning with the precision and portability of a desktop unit, capable of creating a micro-climate of comfort in any space, all at a fraction of the price of cooling the whole house.  Combining the functionality of a humidifier and air conditioner into a single device, it uses natural evaporative cooling to lower the temperature around you while it also filters the air of dust and other nasty airborne particles. Synced with the app, this smart device is also controllable via the app or even voice commands with Amazon Alexa or Google Home devices. 

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