This article was published on October 20, 2016

This case makes your iPhone look like an exploded Note 7

This case makes your iPhone look like an exploded Note 7
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Samsung hasn’t been in a joking mood lately, but I’d like to think somewhere deep down inside, even the disparaged weapons maker mobile device manufacturer might get a chuckle over this one.

Or, it could go the DMCA route we saw yesterday and threaten to sue the living bejesus out of whoever made the Explo-Sung case.

Explo-Sung is an iPhone case that turns your Apple product into a Samsung device — an exploded Note 7, to be exact.

The case fits every iPhone from the 5 on up and even features the Samsung logo on back, for ‘authenticity.’ It’s this authenticity measure that might lead to the case’s undoing, as Samsung is a trademarked name. Besides, the exploded look is all the authenticity we need to believe this is a Note 7.

You can grab one of your own on for just $24.99 if you have a strange sense of humor, like us.

via Business Insider

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