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This article was published on April 3, 2018

YouTube shooting spree: Here’s what we know

YouTube shooting spree: Here’s what we know
Rachel Kaser
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Rachel Kaser

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Rachel is a writer and former game critic from Central Texas. She enjoys gaming, writing mystery stories, streaming on Twitch, and horseback Rachel is a writer and former game critic from Central Texas. She enjoys gaming, writing mystery stories, streaming on Twitch, and horseback riding. Check her Twitter for curmudgeonly criticisms.

Earlier today, police responded to reports of a shooter in YouTube’s headquarters in San Bruno, California. The altercation left four wounded and one dead — presumed to be the shooter. At a press conference, San Bruno Police Chief Ed Barberini said:

We have four victims, who have all been transported for gunshot-related injuries, and we have one subject, who is deceased inside the building with a self-inflicted wound that, at this time, we believe to be the shooter. But we’re still following up on that.

Bay Area news station KRON 4 reported police received multiple 911 calls from inside the building, which is located at 901 Cherry Avenue. San Bruno police tweeted shortly after that people should avoid the area due to police activity, and also confirmed on Twitter they were dealing with “an active shooter.”

Product manager Todd Sherman tweeted employees first thought the commotion was an earthquake. He then said they told him about a shooter, and also said he saw blood on the ground.

YouTube Product Manager Vadim Lavrusik tweeted about hearing the shots and seeing people running:

Footage taken from a nearby building shows employees leaving with their hands over their heads, as well as police officers approaching the building:

One YouTube employee, on a call with her boss who was at the scene, reported to CNN her boss said the shots came from the patio. According to employees of the Carl’s Jr across the street, at least one of the victims limped into their building, where they attempted to treat her injuries with napkins and bungee cord.

LA Times reported the deceased, a woman, opened fire on employees before taking her own life. A spokesperson for Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital told CNN it had received three patients: a 36-year-old man in critical condition, a 32-year-old woman in serious condition, and a 27-year-old woman in fair condition.

Google said via its Communications Twitter that it was collaborating with local law enforcement. It also advised other employees in the area to stay away for the foreseeable future.

Update: The shooter has since been identified by the San Bruno Police as Southern California resident Nasim Najafi Aghdam.

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