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This article was published on February 28, 2017

Bill Gates took to Reddit to discuss cheeseburgers and AI

Bill Gates took to Reddit to discuss cheeseburgers and AI Image by: Twitter

What does a billionaire eat when he can have anything? Cheeseburgers, apparently.

Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft, and the richest man in the world according to Bloomberg, came back to Reddit today for his fifth AMA. He spoke at length about AI, polio, and politics.

But we’re still stuck on the cheeseburger thing.

The questions were a predictable mix of depth and frivolity. When asked if he ever used a disguise to go out incognito, Gates said he can get by with just a hat. Redditors joked that this puts him on the same level as most superheroes.

He believes the greatest problem facing the current generation is isolation:

I still wonder if digital tools can help people find opportunities to get together with others – not Tinder but more like adults who want to mentor kids or hang out with each other. It is great that kids go off and pursue opportunities but when you get communities where the economy is weak and a lot of young people have left then something should be done to help.

Gates talked most about his desire for social and philanthropic reform. He spoke of the limits of what he can do to improve the world, even with all his money, and how he hopes to eliminate polio in his lifetime.

He was a little vague on certain issues, such as the state of America — merely saying he’s “optimistic in the long run.” When asked about the world refugee crisis, he said, “The way to avoid refugee problems is to help countries develop by having good health, education and governance.”

Also, in case anyone was wondering, he likes vacationing in Australia, and he believes a hot dog is only a sandwich if chopped up on a burger bun.

When asked where he sees himself in 15 years, he said, “Hopefully a grandfather.” Get on that, Bill Gates’ kids!

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