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This article was published on July 6, 2020

    Bend it over 60,000 times. The stainless steel Evercable isn’t like those cheapo phone cables

    Bend it over 60,000 times. The stainless steel Evercable isn’t like those cheapo phone cables
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    TLDR: The stainless steel Evercable is over 4 feet of almost unbreakable connector, ready to handle all your charging and syncing cable needed for….well, almost a lifetime. 

    Just go to YouTube and you’ll find literally dozens of videos to help repair frayed, broken and otherwise non-functioning charging cables. And the irony is that the problem of faulty cables that break and fall apart with just a few months of regular use is all but universal. It affects everything from generic drugstore-level tech devices all the way up to the latest and greatest Apple iPhones and Android favorites.

    Charging cables almost always suck.

    However, a handful of companies like Anchor Labs are going the extra mile to help reverse that ugly and frustrating trend. Their contribution to the fight against shoddy cables, the Evercable Steel Armored Cable is engineered to far outlive all those less-than cables that end up in the garbage. Right now, the Evercable is also on sale, the USB-C version for $15.95; and the Lightning-compatible version for $18.95.

    Billed as “the last charging and sync cable that you’ll ever need,” the Evercable is a non-magnetic version of the award-winning Anchor Cable. Crafted from stainless steel, plastic and copper, this cable was stress-tested, bent more than 60,000 times to assure long-lasting durability in a host of real world situations. Bend it, kink it or wrap it, you’ve got to do some serious origami to inflict any damage on this connector…and it might even survive that.

    As for performance, the Evercable is also a standout, serving up higher charging and data-read speeds than other leading cable manufacturers. 

    And at just over 4 feet, 3 inches long, the Evercable comes with the added reach to leave your phone or other device comfortably charging without worrying about laying it on the ground on in any other dangerous situations.

    Whether you need to charge up or connect your Apple products or any Android devices, they don’t call the Evercable the world’s strongest phone cable for nothing. Regularly $19.90, you can get a USB-C compatible Evercable now for almost 20 percent off, just $15.95. Meanwhile, Apple users can get $4 off the Lightning cable version, now only $18.95.

    Prices are subject to change.