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This article was published on January 4, 2017

Be the leader you were always born to be this new year

Be the leader you were always born to be this new year
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Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web. Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web.

Honesty, confidence, integrity, commitment. The array of qualities found in bonafide leaders are not overly hard to identify. Yet amassing those talents is clearly far more elusive than it appears. While many of our greatest leaders have sprung from traits seared deep in their DNA, it can be argued those genes are really in all of us, if we take the time to develop them properly.

Now’s the time to take the reins and be the leader you — and those around you — want to look to with this 2018 Learn to Lead course bundle. The 10-course package is ready to open your year in grand fashion at a heavily discounted price: just $29.99 from TNW Deals.

The collection of instruction zeroes in on the cornerstone elements of your personality that can define your leadership and inspire others to greater heights.

Some of these courses key into the mechanics and structures of effective leadership, including Performance Management, Time Management, Goal Setting, and even Personal Productivity. Under this tutelage, you’ll learn basic models to follow to help shape the work you and your people do and the means by which you arrive at that end product.

But we all know equally important leadership skills come from the feelings you bring out in others. With courses in Leadership and Influence, Coaching and Mentoring, Assertiveness and Self-Confidence and even how to Be a More Likeable Boss, you’ll learn the interpersonal abilities — both visible and deeply subtextual — that can help drive men and women under your direction to do better and be better.

By the time you’re finished, you’ll have the tools you need to head a crew of 3, 30, or 300 to victory.

Each of these 10 courses includes 10 hours of training and retail for almost $250 each. So take advantage of this limited time opportunity to score all this leadership instruction for only $29.99.