This article was published on June 28, 2020

Artificial intelligence experts are making over $1 million a year. Here’s how to start

Artificial intelligence experts are making over $1 million a year. Here’s how to start
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TLDR: The Ultimate Artificial Intelligence Scientist Certification Bundle is your ticket to understanding — and maybe even working with — AI and machine learning systems.

Artificial intelligence has seeped into literally every facet of human life — and examples are in front of us every day. Like how AI advances just led to a new way to test your eyesight that doesn’t involve the old eye chart. Or how the U.S. House of Representatives thinks military artificial intelligence programs are so important that they should be overseen by the deputy Secretary of Defense. Or how Carnegie Mellon University is putting $5 million toward how AI can mitigate the COVID-19 outbreak. And that all happened in the space of 24 hours this month.

There’s a reason why AI and machine learning experts are earning seven-figure salaries (yep, $1 million) and now, you can lay the groundwork to join the AI explosion with the training in The Ultimate Artificial Intelligence Scientist Certification Bundle ($34.99, over 90 percent off from NTW Deals).

This collection of four courses offered by Super Data Science covers nearly 80 hours of content, offering inquisitive learners a 360-degree view of the advances happening in artificial intelligence and machine learning right now, as well as how that technology can be applied in virtually any field. And the training is definitely a hit, registering almost 200,000 positive reviews from over 1 million former students.

As the cornerstone of AI and machine learning, students start with a deep dive in Python A-Z, offering a full introduction to this elegantly simple, yet ultra-versatile programming language. As learners get a hold on how to code in Python, they’ll also face real world challenges to reinforce the training.

Next, courses in Machine Learning A-Z and Deep Learning A-Z explore how that coding is used to help the processing of large data sets to literally help machines interpret, reason and actually make critical decisions all by themselves. Training here also gets hands-on with the construction of machine learning models and projects that highlight the difficulty of getting AI right and the problems those professionals often face.

Finally, the Tensorflow 2.0: A Complete Guide on the Brand New Tensorflow goes in for an ultra-specific look at a critical industry tool for making machine learning work. Here, learners build models and even fashion their own neural networks that facilitate how machines understand and act on all that data correctly.

Each course in this package is a $200 value on its own, but you can get all this AI background training now for just $34.99.

Prices are subject to change.

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