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This article was published on October 7, 2017

Apple’s design chief thinks its about time you put down the iPhone

Apple’s design chief thinks its about time you put down the iPhone
Bryan Clark
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Bryan Clark

Former Managing Editor, TNW

Bryan is a freelance journalist. Bryan is a freelance journalist.

Speaking at The New Yorker’s annual tech shindig,TechFest, Apple design guru Jony Ive hit us with some hard truth: we’re using our phones too much. Granted, we didn’t need Ive to tell us this: multiple studies have come to the same conclusion, and that conclusion is that smartphones are basically the worst, and the best, but also the worst.

Carissa Lintao, a former TNW editorial intern even dove into the science behind why you can’t put down your phone just a few months ago.

But it’s Jony-frickin-Ive, so listen to his soothing English accent while he drops a few truth bombs.

“Like any tool, you can see there’s wonderful use and then there’s misuse,” Ive said. When pressed about what he considers “misuse,’ Ive replied: “Perhaps, constant use.”

And while your iPhone could be responsible for making you miserable, Ive still says he likes it better than most other smartphones, saying he detests “most things” when asked about competing products. He went on to say the design of most products is “soul destroying,” a sentiment we share.

You know what else was soul destroying? Losing the headphone jack.

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