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This article was published on May 22, 2015

Announcing TNW Conference USA 2015: We’re coming back to the greatest city on earth

Announcing TNW Conference USA 2015: We’re coming back to the greatest city on earth
Matthew Elworthy
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Matthew Elworthy

Marketing Manager, TNW Events

TNW Conference USA is coming back to New York this November! Get your FREE 2-for-1 ticket voucher.

It’s been just one month since we closed the doors to TNW Conference Europe, shepherded our 60+ speakers onto a canal boat, and celebrated with champagne as we sailed our way to a restaurant in the heart of Amsterdam to refuel and reminisce.  In those initial hours after our 3,500 attendee- and 150 startup-strong event, it started to sink in that we may have pulled off something special.

When Mark Randall of Adobe stood up at our speaker dinner and started his speech by calling TNW Conference “the best event in the world”, the feeling started to solidify. “Taking part in TNW Conference”, he said, “is like becoming part of a very special family”.

We think this is true regardless of whether you’re a speaker, a startup or an attendee. The difference between The Next Web Conference and other events lies in our approach: we try our upmost to take special care of you and your surroundings, in order to engineer the perfect opportunity for learning, networking, and therefore growing as both an individual and a company.

It is our pleasure to announce that we’ll be bringing ten years of conference curation experience back to New York City on 18 November, for the third edition of TNW USA. Expect a hundred awesome startups, dozens of inspirational and pragmatic speakers and 1,500 influential attendees.

Get your FREE 2-for-1 voucher now so that you can buy our cheapest tickets later. What have you got to lose?

Check out last year’s aftermovie below.

Get your FREE 2-for-1 ticket voucher now!

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