This article was published on June 9, 2020

Advertising is moving further toward digital every day. This training can get you ready

Advertising is moving further toward digital every day. This training can get you ready Image by: John Schnobrich
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TLDR: With The Digital Advertising and Marketing 101 Certification Bundle, an industry veteran explains digital marketing and everything you need to know to find success.

Digital advertising is no longer just an adjunct to a more traditional broadcast or print campaign. In fact, even the biggest names in international finance can see the writing on the wall: ad dollars are moving away from old school outlets to the digital front at a remarkable rate.

In a report last month by global investment firm Goldman Sachs, they say the impact of the coronavirus was expected to further fuel the trend they’ve been watching for a while and “will only accelerate the secular shift in advertising budgets towards digital.”

The need for a firm understanding of how to build and execute an effective digital marketing plan are more vital than ever. With the training in The Digital Advertising and Marketing 101 Certification Bundle, students can get a firm grip on where 21st century advertising is going and the methods for making sure your brand can break through. It’s on sale now for over 90 percent off, just $30 from TNW Deals.

The five-course collection is taught by digital marketing industry veteran Ben Silverstein, who has delivered this course package to over 7,000 students in more than 130 countries.

The training begins with Digital Advertising and Marketing 101: Take The Complete Guide, which explains the basics of terms, pricing models, ad units, and everything else you need to succeed in the digital advertising space.  The course also digs into the hundreds of companies outside of Google and Facebook which control ads you see on your computer, phones, and tablets.

In Digital Advertising and Marketing 201: Today’s Trends and Topics, the focus shifts to a more in depth explanation of the complex world of digital marketing, walking newcomers through how trillions of ads are actually delivered on billions of digital devices every day.

Next, Digital Advertising and Marketing 301: The Professional Course explores examples from today’s digital advertising world of new products and companies and how they’re executing — or failing to execute — impactful digital messaging.

Finally, Introduction to Programmatic Advertising – Digital Marketing and Digital Ad Sales Certification: Be Prepared for Your First Sale Today position new sellers to understand exactly what programmatic advertising actually is, and how it’s executed; as well as practical steps for knowing the products you’re most likely to sell and a strategy that can help close business.

This training collection valued at almost $1,500 is now available for just $6 per course, only $30 while the current deal lasts.

Prices are subject to change.