This article was published on December 21, 2010

Adidas’ new Facebook sales campaign innovates but doesn’t execute

Adidas’ new Facebook sales campaign innovates but doesn’t execute

I was messing around on Facebook when a post popped in to my feed from Adidas that @slkav had shared. It immediately caught my eye because of the unusual size of the box so I naturally hit the play button and was very surprised at what I found. As you’ll see from the video below an interactive advert (or game depending on what way you look at it) appears and you are asked to scrape off the ice to reveal a shoe. Once you have revealed the shoe (should take about 4 seconds max) then a whole range of products open up that you can browse within your own wall without having to navigate away. Now anybody can add a flash game or widget to their wall but I haven’t seen a brand engaging in this way before especially with a different game 24 days running.

Replacing Tabs?
We were all shocked during the week when we saw that the new Facebook pages would remove the tabs at the top of the page where applications and games usually sit and moving them to a less prominent placement in the sidebar. Placing interactive content like this within the feed would be one way of getting around the fact that less people were viewing your tabs but at the same time I’m not sure people want to see every brand under the sun adding flash games to their feeds. It works as a one off campaign but I’m not sure this format would work on a regular basis.

Innovative But Poor Execution
I have to take my hat off to Adidas here because this is a great, innovative way to increase interaction through the wall and engage users with their products. They have however fallen at the last hurdle because having a broken link through to the purchase page is just not acceptable especially at this busy time of year. That link has been broken for a full 24 hours now and with over a million likes and millions more like me seeing this through their wall that is just not acceptable.

Remember Adidas’ Facebook Shoe?

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